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"We are so grateful to have support from Food for Thought. This program provides our elementary school with healthy food for snacks and lunches. Every child in our school takes comfort in knowing that if they didn't get breakfast at home or if they forgot their lunch that it will provided for them. We have many hungry children who benefit daily from the program. Thank you so much Food for Thought; we couldn't do it without you."

--Colleen Marshall

Principal, Ormsby School

“Food for Thought has been such a blessing to the students at Highlands School. While we have benefitted from the program for many years, over the past year we have used it to prepare a healthy breakfast and hot lunch for over 70 students on a daily basis. With healthy meals available, our students are given the nourishment they need to prepare them for success during the school day. When their basic needs are met, the students are able to focus on the exciting discoveries that await them in class and beyond. Thank you Food for Thought!”

--Brad Burns

Principal, Highlands School

"We appreciate everything that Food For Thought does for our students at Montrose. With their support, we are able to ensure that students in need have access to healthy breakfast and lunch food options to fuel their bodies. This helps prepare students for learning and set them up for a successful day at school. We sincerely thank you for all that you do!"

--Laurie Caines

Principal, Montrose School

"We love having fresh fruit and toast each morning to help us learn and work hard."

"Thank you for providing food for us everyday.”

“I appreciate all the good food you give us.”

“I look forward to the nutritious food you provide us.”

--Students at Montrose School


“Food for Thought has been a sponsor of healthy eating at Sherwood School for many years and we are so appreciative of their care and concern for our students and community. In order to learn and grow to their full potential, children must have healthy eating habits and take good care of their bodies. Food for Thought has blessed our school with their generosity and kindness in assisting us in providing healthy snacks and supplementary food items for our students. We thank them so sincerely for the difference they are making in the lives of our community of learners. Thank you Food For Thought!”

--Maureen Yates

Principal, Sherwood School

“I cannot say enough about Food for Thought. This program has helped the most vulnerable students in our school, and we do have a student population that needs additional supports in place. Our school is located in a community which can be considered high-needs, and we have a wide demographic in our school. Our community includes families who are considered low-income and who struggle to pay bills and put food on the table. Our community also has many FNMI (First Nations, Metis, and Inuit) families, as well as ELL (English Language Learners) families, many of whom are brand-new to Canada. Having the Food for Thought program available for those who need it has allowed our most needy and vulnerable students have a healthy lunch provided on a regular schedule, so they do not need to worry about going hungry.  Having this healthy lunch helps to provide stability and a sense of belonging to our most vulnerable students.”

--Jennifer Kozak

Assistant Principal, Sifton School

“Food for Thought has been providing Belvedere School's students with healthy lunches for ten years. With Food for Thought's generous service we are able to select healthy food choices that are delivered directly to our school and prepared into delicious daily lunches for children who previously had gone without. By having a healthy lunch we can ensure that hunger and poor nutrition do not prevent any child from experiencing the joys of school and the successes that come with healthy bodies and nourished minds.”

--James Cottrell

Principal, Belvedere School

"Food for Thought is a valued partner of Youngstown School. Your generosity makes a difference in the lives of children, especially those who are under-resourced. Nourished children are better able to focus on their learning. The impact Food for Thought has on our school community is profound. On behalf of our staff and students I offer you a heartfelt thank you for all you do! You make a difference!"

--Elizabeth Norris-Kartz

Principal, Youngstown School

"We are extremely grateful to our donors from the Food for Thought program.  The donations we receive enable us to provide snacks and lunches to our students in need.  Proper nutrition is key to a student’s ability to pay attention and to learn in class. These donations help us help our students prepare for a full day of learning and help our students achieve the academic and social skills they need. We are very happy to be recipients of this program."

--Debbie Thomas

Principal, York School 

 A few months ago Pat and Jen Liviniuk (the Sold Sisters) toured Sifton  Elementary School, which they've been generously supporting for the past year. The local realtor sisters informed us that in lieu of Christmas gifts for their clients, they decided to donate the money to Food for Thought and continue to support Sifton in the 2016-2017 school year. We are thrilled to have such enthusiastic sponsors on board!


"It was an absolute pleasure to come to the school, meet everyone, see how the program works and to learn that we are making a difference in the lives of children. We are honoured to be a part of (Food for Thought)!"

-- Jen Liviniuk, the Sold Sisters

As a parent at a school that has the privilege of being sponsored, THANK YOU! Its hard to imagine how important a can of soup, carrot sticks, oranges, bananas, and box of cheerios (to name a few) can be. The kids LOVE they can ask for something without question. I LOVE that any given day ANY kid can have something to snack on or have a balanced lunch regardless of whether they forgot their lunch, didn't eat enough breakfast, or they didn't have anything to begin with."

--Anne Griffin


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