Carol Kowalchuk

My late husband and I founded Food for Thought in 2002. We worked hard and enjoyed a good life, and couldn’t believe when we heard that school children in Alberta were going hungry. When life is good to you, you try to give back. We took a box of oranges to Sifton school—and the rest is history. I am proud of how we have kept the program simple and have now expanded it to twelve schools.


I am retired and spend much of my time playing bridge, painting, and gardening.

Kristine Kowalchuk

I have been on the Food for Thought board since 2010. My roles are in strategic direction, communications, and the establishment of high nutritional standards (including the rutabaga and fennel options on the grocery order forms).


My professional background is in writing and editing. I recently completed my PhD in English, focusing on 17th-century cookbooks. I am also a hobby food writer and sometimes contribute to The Tomato and other publications. I teach “Critical Reading and Writing” full-time at NAIT.


In my spare time, I cycle, run, cross-country ski and lobby Edmonton city council to protect important public spaces, such as the Cloverdale footbridge, in its urban planning projects.

Nicole Luke 

I recently joined the Food for Thought board but have been an avid supporter for many years. I joined the board because I have seen how important food is in learning, and this organization has shown how much it really cares for the students. I manage sponsor relations, which includes keeping sponsors informed and providing them with opportunities, such as school tours, to see the impact of their support.


My background is in data analytics and project management, but I recently spent a year teaching junior high. I currently run my own consulting company and help organizations better understand their business through the use of data. I also help with process improvement and getting projects back on track.


When I'm not working, I'm spending time with my husband and two beautiful daughters. We enjoy being in the great outdoors and like to go camping or just out for walks and bike rides. I also like to bake and while I've figured out how to make some good desserts and bread, the art of macarons still eludes me.  

Kelly Kowalchuk

My parents started Food for Thought over a decade ago. My dad was especially passionate about Food for Thought and we were very close, so when he passed away of cancer in 2010 I knew I wanted to get involved in a greater capacity. I help manage the program's strategy and keep track of the finances. 


Professionally, I've worked in marketing in the tech industry for over 18 years.


When not working or volunteering, I love spending time with my animals (I have a horse and a cat), cycling, and reading.

Wendy Hildebrandt

I have been a committee member with Food for Thought since 2007. My position mostly involves attending board meetings, applying for grants, and arranging an annual fundraiser. It is very rewarding to meet the students who benefit from this program, and knowing we are helping so many children every day makes me proud of what we do.


Currently I work in the financial industry with a local investment brokerage firm, where I assist three investment brokers. I enjoy the challenge of my job and working with our clients is one of the highlights of my position.


In my leisure time I really enjoy doing many different kinds of crafts such as knitting, needlepoint, and sewing.

Jennifer Bergman

I joined the Food for Thought board in spring 2020. When the pandemic hit, I was concerned about children who rely on in-school programs for their nutrition and reached out to Food for Thought to learn how I could help. My role involves coordinating the food orders and deliveries for our participating schools. I am grateful to be involved with an organization that makes a difference in the lives of so many kids and their families.

My background is in business and marketing, and I have been an entrepreneur for over 12 years running a wedding and event planning firm that executes events both locally and internationally.

Much of my time these days is spent chasing after my toddler, but I also enjoy trying new fitness classes, running and biking in Edmonton’s river valley, and travelling.

Board Members