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Food for Thought provides nourishment to hungry children

Food for Thought provides nourishment to hungry children in Edmonton schools


Food for Thought is a non-profit program that provides food for hungry schoolchildren.


The program began in 2002 after Carol and Bernie Kowalchuk read in the newspaper that the neediest schools in Edmonton receive funding for school-wide lunch programs, but that children in other schools went hungry. "This isn't right. And how can kids learn if they're hungry?" the Kowalchuks asked themselves. They decided to do something about it. They and their friends began funding hot lunches for hungry students at Sifton elementary school.


Today, the program has grown to cover twenty one schools and provides breakfast, lunch and/or snacks to approximately 850 children every day. In many cases, these schools are fully funded by a single corporate sponsor.


Many of the schools are located within neighbourhoods and school districts with average and high-income households. Hunger is not a localized problem.


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